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Resin Art by Nicole

Jewellery aesthetics, Home decor and more 

About Plume Résine

Plume Résine is a resin jewelry brand that handcrafts beautiful and intricate jewelry using epoxy resin, varieties of dried flowers and the best quality stainless steel bezels and chains.
Each piece of jewelry is carefully made with love, care and attention to detail. Plume Résine hopes to offer every customer something they can connect with.
We are a brand that loves to experiment with different ideas, art styles and aesthetics. Anybody that chooses Plume Résine can be sure to find something that fits their style.
We are glad to have you here and we hope to bring you the best experience possible.

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All together I have 7 things that I've ordered from here and it's safe to say, that I'm in love with them all. I've preserved a few things that mean a lot to me all thanks to Nicole ❤️

Each and every piece is carefully and delicately place with the flowers. 'Plume Résine' is surely the best place to pick your resin products.


Best quality out there . It was really perfect .The designs are unique and detailed ..❤️❤️❤️


Every piece is made with love OFC but for me it’s the intricate details which are so beautiful it just drags me to visit the page and thts how half my cupboard for chains is filled with plumeresine’s pendants. I AM OBSESSED❤️


Got 3 pendants as a gift for my friends and they loved it and so did I. Beautiful and precious 💖

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