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about the brand

During the lockdown in 2020, I discovered this beautiful artform, Resin. It was so fascinating to create complex, colorful and permanent shapes out of a shapeless fluid. That fascination gave life to my brand - Plume Resine.

At Plume Resine, we share our joy for art in the form of jewelry and pieces that can brighten up your space. We focus on preservation of flowers so you can always have a piece of nature with you. 


about the artist


My name is Nicole Hessing. I'm a 21 year old graduate of Psychology, Literature and Politics. Being a student of psychology, I've come to understand how important it is to let your inner creativity out and how to channel your creativity into something that makes you happy. I channel my creativity through art and I'm always ready to discover more mediums. My main interest lies in Painting. Pottery and of course, Resin. Art runs in my family. My great grand mother, grand mother and mother were/are all artists and I'm honored to acquire that trait from them. 

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